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Welcome to abide + adore! I’m so thankful you are here!

If you don’t know me already, my name is Mindy! I, alongside my husband and four kids, am a missionary living in regional Australia. I became a follower of God at the age of 13 and have never wanted to go back. I’ve been writing on the internet in one capacity or another for several years and have a deep draw towards storytelling that leads us to the Maker of our souls. Warm cups of tea, Jane Austen novels, deep dive studies of the Scripture, and evenings at home with my crew bring me the most joy!

Before you decide to begin receiving these monthly-ish newsletters, it’s important to understand what to expect here at abide + adore…

  • This will not be a place full of how-to’s or airs of apprehension or pretending perfection. It’s important to recognize that all, including myself, are on this journey of following God each day and that we cannot know it all. We are not, after all, God. Instead this is a place to humbly admit our shortcomings, be met with grace and understanding, and be turned to the One Who holds all the answers in His very being.

  • Abiding and adoring in Christ is more than just a moniker - it is a way of life. Abiding in Christ is a daily, hourly decision of setting our minds on His nature. And abiding in Christ leads us naturally to adoring His name, His attributes and Who He is at His core.

  • There will be mostly stories and real-life musings of how God has led me into deeper communion and abiding in Him. There may also be the occasional recipe and book rec.

  • While I will be sharing some day-to-day happenings, there will not be in-depth updates on our ministry. If you’re interested in keeping up with our ministry, there are a few ways to do it: here is where you can see previous updates and sign up to get our prayer letters delivered to your inbox; and here is where you can find our ministry’s Facebook page.

  • If you’re interested in following me on my personal socials, you can find me on Instagram (which is about all I have time and capacity for these days).

I am truly thrilled and honored that you are here! Comments and replies are always welcome. I can’t wait to see what God does through this little slice of the internet!

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